What Constitutes as Reckless Driving?

Do you think you were involved in a reckless driving incident? JD Haas, a company of car crash injury lawyers and truck accident lawyers, explains the definition of reckless driving in this post.

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What Constitutes as a Personal Injury Case?

What does a personal injury lawyer do, as opposed to a civil litigation lawyer or a real estate attorney? Learn from the professionals at JD Haas & Associates, PLLC.

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How JD Haas Will Handle Your Wrongful Death Case

We believe we’re one of the most compassionate groups of wrongful death lawyers and wrongful death attorneys around. Click to learn why.

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Why Seek Prompt Legal Action After a Wrongful Death

If you’ve just experienced the death of a child, close friend, or family member, it is normal to struggle to cope with your new reality. Your life has just been shaken up in the worst possible way, and you might feel as though there is little you can do to put things on the right path again. On top of that, you’re most likely busy making funeral arrangements and consoling others affected by such a tragic loss. The aftermath of a death is a complicated time that’s fraught with all sorts of emotions, and the emotional whiplash often spreads further than the departed’s immediate family, leaving people even on the outskirts of their previous social circle wounded.

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Recovering after an Automobile Crash

If you’ve ever been in an auto accident, you know how much those accidents can rattle you. From repairing your car to dealing with insurance claims to working through any resulting emotional trauma, auto accidents can shake even the most confident drivers.

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Could You Have a Claim Against Your Child’s Daycare Center?

When we drop our children off at daycare in the mornings, we have full faith that we’ll pick them up safe and healthy. A daycare’s job, after all, is to make sure your child is safe when you, as a working parent, are unavailable to watch them.

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Your Rights as an Apartment Tenant

The apartment industry is full of all types of landlords. Most, of course, are simply in the business to make a modest living, while also providing a very necessary service to people who cannot afford a home. Through rentable housing, they make it possible for Americans everywhere to move closer to their dream jobs, to become independent (in the case of many young people), or to financially get back on their feet after a crisis.

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Wrongful Death: Your Rights as an Employee

Chances are, if you hold an office job or a similar occupation, you don’t worry about your safety when you go to work each and every day. After all, you might think there isn’t much that can happen to you while you’re sitting at a desk, typing away. In some ways, you’re right! Most likely, you’re perfectly safe on the job. However, the reason you’re right is probably because your employer has taken the legally required steps to create a safe, healthy working environment for you and your colleagues.

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Could Bankruptcy be Right for You?

Last month, we gave an overview of Chapter 7 bankruptcy on our blog. As Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers, we here at JD Haas want to make sure that our clients are as informed as they can be before stepping into our office with the intent of declaring bankruptcy, or even simply to learn more about their options.

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What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Times are getting tougher out there; money is tighter and wages are slim. If you’re in a position in which you’re unable to repay your outstanding debt, you might have considered filing for bankruptcy—that is, declaring in the eyes of the law that you are unable to pay your debt. While to many, significantly reducing or eliminating all monetary debt might seem like a dream come true, it isn’t something to take lightly. It does come with heavy consequences to your credit. Only a trusted bankruptcy lawyer or business lawyer like those at JD Haas can help determine if the process is right for you and your financial situation.

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