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How Do you File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Chicago?

If a loved one has died as a result of somebody else’s negligence, you’re no doubt ready to begin the legal proceedings. But how do you even start? Even if one knows that they have a viable case on their hands, beginning the quest for justice can be overwhelming, let alone seeing it through.

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Three Things to Know About Wrongful Death Cases in Wisconsin

Wrongful death cases are complicated, no matter where they take place. From gathering evidence to working with arbitrators during the potential alternative dispute resolution process, quite a bit goes on, and there’s quite a bit to work through. When you add state-specific laws to the mix, it all can feel almost too overwhelming to bear!

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Understanding the Illinois Wrongful Death Act

Law is constantly moving and shifting. Yes, there are plenty of principles the legal system has followed for generations and continues to adhere to, but it’s subject to change at any time. One such relatively recent change is the Illinois Wrongful Death Act.

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Three Things to Know About Wrongful Death Cases in Missouri

Every state handles its wrongful death cases differently. A wrongful death lawyer discusses here a few Missouri-specific notions.

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How JD Haas Will Handle Your Wrongful Death Case

A loved one of yours has just died from another party’s negligence. You’re absolutely heartbroken, and rightfully so. Losing a family member, close friend, or spouse is hard enough as it is, but when negligence enters the picture, it can be even harder to handle your emotions. Guilt, rage, sorrow – it’s often said nowadays that the seven stages of grief are not linear. You may even feel completely numb, unable to process any of your feelings towards this tragic event. Both responses are normal.

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How to Win a Wrongful Death Case

Isn’t this a topic for the ages! Wrongful death attorneys and wrongful death lawyers go to school for years in order to understand how to defend their clients in court or otherwise negotiate legal proceedings in their favor. After all, the law is never straightforward, and not everyone is cut out to work in this field. To win a wrongful death case, you need ample schooling, compassion for all parties involved, and an ability to think on one’s feet. In other words, to win your wrongful death case, first and foremost, you need an industry professionals on your side. Going into court or trying to navigate the legal system alone, well—that’s a recipe for disaster.

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Can You Sue for a Car Accident?

If you’ve recently been in a car crash, you might have been left reeling in an emotional sense. For all drivers—but especially those who have never been in a crash before—the occasion can be traumatizing, overwhelming, and can leave you not wanting to get back in the driver’s seat for months. Unfortunately, too, a car crash can also leave you reeling from a financial standpoint. Insurance claims aren’t always enough to replace what you feel you’ve lost; you might consider suing the other party in order to receive financial compensation.

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Finding the Right Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Needs

You’ve been injured, and you know your injury would be of interest to a personal injury lawyer or a personal injury attorney. Physically, you’re hurt, but emotionally, you’re ready to go through with taking legal action. However, mentally, are you up to the task of finding the right injury attorney for you?

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Attractive Nuisance and Backyard Trampolines: What You Need to Know

With the summer season before us, many families are getting their yards, pools, trampolines, ready for family fun. As we all know, accidents can and will happen and children are drawn to certain structures—namely, trampolines.

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Personal Injury Law: The Basics

Personal injury—what a vague term when it’s taken out of context! Does it mean an injury afflicted to one’s person, or does it mean an injury you feel sensitive about and do not wish to disclose? When we’re talking about the legal field, though, the term loses all of its vagueness and takes on a very specific meaning. This meaning can and will direct the path of your law case, from how your personal injury lawyer goes about collecting information to what kinds of financial reimbursement you may be entitled to.

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