When to Contact a Lawyer After a Dog Bite

There’s a reason dogs are known as man’s best friend—they tend to be loyal, charming, funny, and comforting. However, with improper training, any dog can quickly turn dangerous. Take it from JD Haas, a team of dog bite attorneys: while we love dogs of all shapes and sizes, but we know that an uncontrolled or surly canine poses a serious safety risk to all parties that come into contact with it.

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What to Look For in a Wrongful Death Lawyer

To make an agonizing story short, someone you loved has died—passed away due to the carelessness or negligence of another, no less. You’re coping the best you can with these horrible circumstances; perhaps you’ve taken time off work or pulled your children out of school. Perhaps you’re losing yourself in the funeral planning, figuring out how to give your loved one the send-off they deserve while the world hunkers down in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. Maybe, too, you’re striving to work through things emotionally, while trying to process immense amounts of anger with sides of denial while also navigating a changed relationship with the entity responsible for your loved one’s death. We understand that this is an uncertain and emotionally tumultuous time.

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Should I Contact a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

Fender benders—they’re such a common occurrence that our local radio stations tell us on the daily about any that might mess up our commute. Many people don’t think much of it when they get into a minor scrape themselves. They exchange insurance information, fret a bit, contact someone for a ride home if the damage is severe enough, but afterward, life goes on as normal.

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Pedestrian Accidents That End in Wrongful Death: What You Need to Know Before Seeking Consultation

It shouldn’t have happened. Your loved one shouldn’t have died crossing the street. You’re blown away and racked with grief. Why here? Why now? And is there anything you can do to ease the horrible agony and stress you must feel? Now more than ever, in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, bills are piling up, and the loss of a family member can make that unbearable on so many levels.

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How JD Haas Handles Personal Injury Cases Differently

If you know you need the help of a personal injury lawyer in the Twin Cities area, look for a team that provides more than a great first impression. When you have a personal injury claim, you need continuous support. You need a law team with sharp wit, compassion, and dedication to your case. You need an injury lawyer that will truly open their ears to your story and meet you where you’re at, with true concern for your wellbeing.

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Is Filing Insurance Claims the Same Thing as Filing a Lawsuit After a Car Accident?

It's common practice to exchange insurance information with the other party after a car accident happens. Most of us have been taught to do this in drivers education classes. But is that the same thing as a legal procedure? JD Haas, a team of car accident lawyers, is here to set the record straight about legal procedures, insurance claims, and car accidents.

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Personal Injury Law: The Basics

Personal injury—what a vague term when it’s taken out of context! Does it mean an injury afflicted to one’s person, or does it mean an injury you feel sensitive about and do not wish to disclose? When we’re talking about the legal field, though, the term loses all of its vagueness and takes on a very specific meaning. This meaning can and will direct the path of your law case, from how your personal injury lawyer goes about collecting information to what kinds of financial reimbursement you may be entitled to.

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Common Types of Wrongful Death Cases

What is a wrongful death case? Freshly after the occurrence of the passing of a loved one, it can seem like their death, no matter the cause, should be considered wrongful. Early on in the grieving process (or later, as grief is not the same for everyone) you may be left reeling, wondering how or why this could have happened, or searching for someone to blame.

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Can You Sue for a Car Accident?

If you’ve recently been in a car crash, you might have been left reeling in an emotional sense. For all drivers—but especially those who have never been in a crash before—the occasion can be traumatizing, overwhelming, and can leave you not wanting to get back in the driver’s seat for months. Unfortunately, too, a car crash can also leave you reeling from a financial standpoint. Insurance claims aren’t always enough to replace what you feel you’ve lost; you might consider suing the other party in order to receive financial compensation.

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What Constitutes as Reckless Driving?

We’ve all been there: Somebody is tailgating so closely to your car you can’t even see their running lights. Many of us have also witnessed vehicles that dodge and weave through highway traffic at such an alarming speed it makes you fear for your safety. You may have wondered if there are laws against such consciously unsafe driving practices. Certainly, it would be a public safety hazard if anyone could drive any way they wanted!

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