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What Goes Into Pedestrian Accident Cases?

If you have been injured by a vehicle as a pedestrian, or someone you love was killed as a pedestrian, you should seek legal action to receive the compensation you deserve. No matter the severity, getting in a pedestrian accident is an extremely traumatic event, and if it’s severe, it can be an expensive incident. As soon as possible, you should begin to search for legal help. 

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How Do Personal Injury Lawyers Get Paid In Minnesota?

A personal injury lawyer in Minnesota typically gets paid on a contingency fee basis. They only apply a fee if you win your case. If you don’t win your case, then you do not owe any attorney’s fees. If you do win your case, you pay the lawyer a percentage of your award. A contingency fee is designed to keep you from paying out-of-pocket fees up front.

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Common Misconceptions About Wrongful Death Lawyers & Cases

When it comes time to do real-life work with a wrongful death attorney or personal injury lawyer, many people find themselves underprepared for the experience and what it means, thanks to stereotypes and media portrayals.  So get ready: As someone seeking the help of a wrongful death lawyer, you're about to undergo a multifaceted and not-at-all-like-the-movies experience – an experience that justice depends on.

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5 Little Known Causes of Distracted Driving

Breaking the hands-free law isn’t the only thing that can land you in a legally sticky auto accident. All sorts of distractions – some of which you may not even think of as distractions – can lead to a bashed-up car and you needing the help of an injury attorney for insurance or legal matters.

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How Much Compensation Should You Expect For A Brain Injury Case?

Your compensation for a brain injury in Minnesota depends on several factors such as the nature of the accident, who is at fault, the extent of injuries, and your total financial losses.

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What Determines a Winnable Personal Injury Case?

Personal injury lawyers have complicated occupations, and whether any given case is winnable depends on the specifics of state law and the case occurrences themselves. It’s impossible to give you a straight answer in a single blog post; You’re much better off coming in for a free consultation. However, as personal injury attorneys, we can at least give you a few basic prerequisites characteristic of all winnable cases under the “personal injury” umbrella.

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Why You Should Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have life-changing injuries or lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, that’s when you should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer. At JD Haas & Associates, PLLC, our law firm offers exceptional legal services for victims of personal injury accidents in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and several other states.

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I Just Got in a Car Accident – What Should I Do?

We hope you’re reading this blog post as a preventative measure, but if not, don’t panic! JD Haas is here to help if you’ve recently been in an auto accident. Our team of car crash injury lawyers knows the basics of navigating the post-car-crash scene like the back of their hands.

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The Basics of North Dakota Personal Injury Law

Experiencing a life-altering injury or losing someone you love to the negligence and wrongdoing of another is a complex and burdensome matter. It is difficult to know where and how to start the process of litigation. JD Haas & Associates is here to guide you through the primary personal injury information you may need to know in the state of North Dakota!

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How Long Do You Have to File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Kansas City?

Losing someone due to the negligence of another is an extremely difficult and strenuous circumstance. JD Haas & Associates knows the difficulty endured in the event of a wrongful death and wants to help guide you through the legal process. While already strenuous, you may not know where to start or what the legal system expects from you. For example, each state allocates a period of time between the incident and legal processing, called the statute of limitation.

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