When filing a claim for a motorcycle accident, you can use the following types of evidence to establish your case:

Police Reports

One of the most compelling pieces of evidence in a motorcycle accident case is a police report. The police officer who arrived on the scene will take statements from all parties involved in the accident. The officer will also add information on the police report, such as:


●        Date and time of the accident

●        Location of the accident

●        Names and contact information of all parties involved

●        How the accident occurred

●        Witness information

●        Road conditions of the accident scene

●        Diagram of the accident

●        Citations or driving violations

●        Fault determination (based on the officer’s opinion or observance)

Eyewitness Accounts

There are several ways to obtain an eye witness report. As stated above, a police officer may include an eyewitness account in their police report. Your JD Haas & Associates attorney may also contact any eyewitness to gather further information. If you are unable to negotiate a settlement with the at-fault party, and you have to take your case to court, eyewitnesses may be summoned to testify on your behalf.

Photos or Video Footage

A street camera or video footage from a phone or other device can be used as evidence of fault and liability. You should also take photos of damage to your motorcycle, the entire accident scene, and, if possible, your injuries.


You can use photos and videos to build your case and establish precisely what happened and who was at fault for your injuries.

Your Medical Bills and Expenses

We can obtain medical records, medical bills, and receipts to establish that the motorcycle accident is what led to your injuries. Medical-related expenses may include:


●        Emergency room and ICU

●        Surgical procedures

●        Follow-up visits to your doctor

●        Medical devices, such as a wheelchair or crutches

●        Physical therapy

●        In-home care

Expert Testimony

If necessary, our legal team may obtain testimony from experts in different fields. For example, we can call on a medical professional, motorcycle accident reconstruction expert, or a mechanic who can testify that either who was at fault for the accident or how the accident led to your injuries and other damages. Gathering expert testimony can help strengthen your case and solidify your claim for damages.

Proof of Lost Wages or Inability to Work

You may have spent time recovering from your motorcycle accident. If so, you may have lost pay or benefits from being out of work. You may have also lost the ability to earn income in the future. Your employer can verify that you were out of work due to your motorcycle accident injuries and that you lost pay as a result of the event.

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