If you believe you may have to file for bankruptcy due to a debt you are unable to repay, contact our team at JD Haas & Associates today. Navigating the world of bankruptcy can be difficult, but with our expert team, we can lead you through it and get you back on track. Our team often deals with Chapter 13 bankruptcy. When you come to us for a free case evaluation, we will study your case and get to know you before deciding which route would be best for you. Here, our experts will discuss how filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you settle your debts and how we will lead you through that process.

How Does Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Work?

When you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you get more advantages than you would filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which is the other most common type of bankruptcy. Some of the key advantages that Chapter 13 allows include:

●        You can adjust your debt payments

●        You can prevent the government from using your tax refunds to pay your debts

●        You can halting some repossession processes


Additionally, when we help you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we can ensure certain debt collection processes stop for the time being. Some of these processes include:

●        No more collection calls

●        The government cannot garnish your wages

●        You cannot be handed a lawsuit by creditors

●        The creditors cannot harass you with certain forms of communication

What Happens After We Help You File For Chapter 13?

After you contact our team and we help you decide if you should file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we will help you continue the process. As soon as you have filed, a trustee is assigned to your case to create a payment plan for you. When your payment plan is set up, you direct all your payments to the trustee assigned to your case, who then divides them among the creditors you are indebted to. In typical payment plans, the trustee sets up your plan so you can pay off all your debts within 36 to 60 months. However, this may be adjusted based on the amount of debt you have, your salary, and more.

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