You probably are familiar with the word “civil,” and maybe the word “litigation,” but what on Earth do those terms mean when put together? You may wonder what civil litigation lawyers (also simply called civil lawyers for short) do for their careers. You may also wonder, if you feel you’ve been legally wronged, if you could make use of their services!


At JD Haas, we understand that law is complicated and can leave you with a lot of questions. There’s a reason, after all, that lawyers must go through extensive training to become licenced to practice! As civil litigation lawyers near you, we hope to answer a few of your questions about what we do below.

What is a Civil Litigation Case?

In short, civil litigation is a legal court process that decides cases which are decidedly non-criminal in matter. You may wonder how someone can land themselves in court if they haven’t committed a blatant criminal act! In the case of civil litigation, even though the matter doesn’t involve a clear-cut injury (such as in a murder case or the like), one party still feels as though they have been wronged. Civil litigation cases can include:


●        Foreclosure issues

●        Landlord and tenant disputes

●        Debt repayment problems

●        Breaches of contract


In the end, the term civil litigation is extremely broad and encompasses much more than the above four issues. Because of all the knowledge that is required to win any given case, civil lawyers (also called “litigators”) often specialize in specific areas of civil litigation laws. Always make sure the lawyer you are considering hiring has experience in your type of case!

What Do Civil Lawyers Do?

The jobs of a civil lawyer can be as diverse as the areas they handle. Besides appearing in court for a client, they also construct trial methodology and strategy, as well as interview clients and gather information about upcoming trials. They can negotiate settlements and, if necessary, help in the jury selection process. Civil litigations lawyers practice in private firms, like JD Haas, all across the world, but they also can work for the federal government, in nonprofit settings, and in public offender offices.


Think You Might Need the Help of a Civil Litigation Lawyer? JD Haas is Here to Help!

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