If you’ve ever been in an auto accident, you know how much those accidents can rattle you. From repairing your car to dealing with insurance claims to working through any resulting emotional trauma, auto accidents can shake even the most confident drivers.


What happens, though, if you encounter legal issues on top of all this? What do we mean by legal issues in the first place? When it comes to auto accidents, we all know we’re supposed to exchange insurance information with another driver. You might also know that insurance companies are required by law in Minnesota to settle claims in a specific manner. What else can go wrong that might require the attention of a car accident lawyer?


Plenty, it turns out. JD Haas, a company of car crash injury lawyers, will explain the ins and outs of when to seek legal help for an auto accident, as well as why doing so is one of the best ways to recover from it.

Seeking Legal Help is Taking Action

As stated above, car crashes can be extremely traumatizing. In dealing with the aftermath of a crash, you might feel so overwhelmed and stressed that you find it difficult to even begin to file an insurance claim—let alone take legal action if you need it! That being said, speaking with a qualified car accident attorney can give you the opportunity to take a bit of action and prove to yourself that yes, you can handle this.


When might you seek the services of a car injury lawyer?


●        When you’ve been injured | It’s plain and simple; if someone else injured you in a car accident due to negligence, you might have grounds for a legal case. A personal injury lawyer can tell you more.

●        When you need help negotiating a settlement | JD Haas is happy to represent you in your negotiations with your insurance company. We’ll gladly assist you in preparing a claim and in helping you regain as much money as possible.

●        When your medical expenses or lost income from the accident could make a significant claim | If you’ve been stuck recovering and are therefore missing work due to someone else’s negligent driving, the chances are that you could have a winnable lawsuit on your hands. However, only a reputable personal injury attorney, like JD Haas, can examine each facet of your case and determine its viability.


In Need of a Compassionate Injury Lawyer? JD Haas is Here to Help You

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