When hiring a personal injury lawyer in Minneapolis you should look for the following attorney characteristics:


●        Provides fee and cost transparency

●        Has experience and focus in personal injury law in Minnesota

●        Has Proven Success in both pre-trial and trial civil litigation

●        Provides personal client attention and representation

●        Offers adequate resources to fully prepare your case

●        Receives referrals from other attorneys and satisfied clients

●        Takes your case on a contingency fee

Fee and Cost Transparency

You should ask for a complete breakdown of the lawyer’s fees and costs associated with your case. Lawyers may require a fee based on a percentage of the settlement. A pre-trial settlement fee may be different from a trial settlement fee. You should ask your lawyer what the fees are in either case.


Your lawyer may also charge you for costs they incur while managing your case. Some lawyers will deduct the costs from your settlement, while others will charge you the costs as they occur. Costs and expenses in a personal injury case may include:


●        Medical records

●        Police reports

●        Expert witness fees

●        Mailing and postage

●        Filing fees

●        Hiring investigators

●        Depositions

●        Trial exhibits

●        Other miscellaneous expenses

Experience and Focus in Personal Injury Law in Minnesota

A law that focuses on personal injury law spends more time with personal injury law cases and clients. Thus, the lawyers in a personal injury firm have more experience knowledge in this particular area.


For this reason, you need to find out how much of that attorney’s practice is in the area of personal injury for victims. If the lawyer’s focus is on bankruptcy, business law, or another area, then you may want to look for a personal injury lawyer.

Proven Success in Both Pre-Trial and Trial Civil Litigation

Your medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages could be worth thousands of dollars. You may amass a large, unpayable debt that could last you a lifetime.


You need a lawyer that has the experience and skill necessary to get you the settlement you deserve. Only an attorney with a proven record of success can help you win your case and get the settlement you deserve.

Personal Client Attention and Representation

Not all lawyer that advertise their services actually meet with or represent their clients. You may end up spending time with interns, assistants, office employees, or another lawyer altogether.


Make sure that your lawyer will give you the attention you need to help you win your case. Only your lawyer truly understand your story, your concerns, your fears, and your financial distress. Only a hire a lawyer that cares enough about you to spend time with you and personally work your case.

Adequate Resources to Fully Prepare Your Case

A law firm will enlist its entire legal team to help you recover all your losses. They will exhaust every resource possible to help you solidify your claim and win your case. A lawyer will utilize all resources to identify liability for your injuries and establish your case value. You should only hire a lawyer that can offer adequate resources. Otherwise, you may be wasting your time.

Receives Referrals From Other Attorneys and Satisfied Clients

Lawyers who receive most of their clients from referrals from other lawyers or clients have established a solid reputation in their field. They have demonstrated that they can win cases and that they have built a positive working relationship with their clients. References are a reflection of the quality and skill that a personal injury attorney brings to a case.

Takes Your Case on a Contingency Fee

Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis. This means they do not receive any payment for their work until they settle a case. Make sure that you find an attorney that will not charge you attorney fees until they settle the case. Also, make sure you understand what their contingency fee is and precisely what it is based on.

Personal Injury Legal Services in Minnesota

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