If you’ve just experienced the death of a child, close friend, or family member, it is normal to struggle to cope with your new reality. Your life has just been shaken up in the worst possible way, and you might feel as though there is little you can do to put things on the right path again. On top of that, you’re most likely busy making funeral arrangements and consoling others affected by such a tragic loss. The aftermath of a death is a complicated time that’s fraught with all sorts of emotions, and the emotional whiplash often spreads further than the departed’s immediate family, leaving people even on the outskirts of their previous social circle wounded.


The compassionate wrongful death lawyers at JD Haas completely understand. If the death has occurred due to another person’s negligence or recklessness, getting through the day in the wake of the event is no small feat. We acknowledge that, as wrongful death attorneys, our clients are going through what might be the most trying time of their lives, and it’s for this reason that we strive to lend them a listening ear and provide our legal services with the utmost gentleness, care, and sympathy.


However, it’s also due to these values that we feel obligated to encourage those still thinking about taking legal action after a wrongful death case to do so in the first place. Legal action can allow you to recover lost wages, gain compensation for emotional pain and suffering and the loss of companionship, and enable you to pay for your funeral and applicable medical costs.


While no amount of money can undo the loss of a loved one, extra finances can provide a much-needed buffer during this time, allowing you and your family to focus on the grieving process without giving as much attention towards any of the expenses that can come with it. Additional money can help you and your loved ones to afford any necessary counseling appointments and allow you to take the much-needed time off of work to emotionally mend.


If you’ve decided to seek legal action with a Minneapolis law company due to your loved one’s wrongful death, even though you understand the importance of additional finances during this time, you might still feel tempted to wait until you feel ready to press charges or begin working with lawyers on a case. While this is completely understandable, as experienced personal injury lawyers and child injury lawyers, we advise you to seek legal action as soon as possible. Time is of the essence when it comes to wrongful death cases, and with the compassionate team at JD Haas on your side, you can rest easy knowing you’re in caring hands.


Time and Lawful Death Cases

For the sake of the viability of the case, as well as your emotional health, if you are thinking of taking legal action for wrongful death, it’s strongly advisable that you do so immediately. Your lawyers will have a much less stressful (and thus probably more successful) time gathering the necessary information with time on their side, for one. Plus, letting a possible legal case hang over your head certainly does not help with the grieving process.


Let’s break those two lines of thinking down a little further. Why, specifically, should you pursue prompt legal action when it comes to wrongful death cases? What will happen if you do?


●        You could gain a sense of progression. When it comes to grieving, it can feel as though you’re stuck emotionally, struggling to move on from something that still affects you. Pursuing legal action during this time can help give you a sense of progress in your life in the wake of tragedy. By seeking the help of a lawyer, you can create a sense that things are beginning to move forward again. Depending on the individual, this could be helpful to the grieving process.


●        Your lawyer might have access to more evidence. In order to establish liability in a wrongful death case, the team at JD Haas will need to collect evidence. This may include police reports, videos, photos, medical expenses, and eyewitness accounts. With more time to work with, your lawyer can have a more flexible schedule when it comes to speaking with potential witnesses and obtaining the necessary documents, thus possibly giving them better resources to help in the winning of your case.


●        You’ll undergo less stress. Trying to gather medical documents and schedule time for working with your lawyer while coping with grief can add more stress to your already emotional life. While we at JD Haas take every care to make working with us as stress-free as possible, because you are grieving, we advise you to contact us immediately so as to give yourself ample time to move through the legal process with us.

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