If you’ve recently been in a car crash, you might have been left reeling in an emotional sense. For all drivers—but especially those who have never been in a crash before—the occasion can be traumatizing, overwhelming, and can leave you not wanting to get back in the driver’s seat for months. Unfortunately, too, a car crash can also leave you reeling from a financial standpoint. Insurance claims aren’t always enough to replace what you feel you’ve lost; you might consider suing the other party in order to receive financial compensation. 


While, on the surface, this might seem like a perfectly reasonable idea, there are countless state-specific laws that determine if seeking additional legal action, aside from insurance claims, is a viable course of action. It’s a confusing area of the law fraught with caveats, but JD Haas is here to help. While we offer free case evaluations for anyone in need, as car accident attorneys and personal injury lawyers, we’d also like to educate the public on auto law and when taking legal action is a possibility.

Auto Law is State-Specific

Whether or not you can take legal action after going through a car crash depends on your state’s specific laws surrounding recklessness behind the wheel. If you want to recover financial damages for your medical bill or your emotional pain and suffering, generally speaking, you must prove that the other driver acted in a reckless fashion.


At JD Haas, we’re Minnesota personal injury attorneys and car accident lawyers, so we’re experts in this state’s laws surrounding car crashes. We know that:


●        Minnesota has a modified “comparative negligence” rule. This means that, if both you and the other driver are found to have behaved negligently, you could still collect money—as long as your amount of negligence is considered less than the other driver’s. The money you can receive depends on the ratio of your negligence to the other driver’s.

●        No matter your state, filing an insurance claim is not the same thing as taking legal action. When you file an insurance claim, you are simply working with your own company to receive compensation for your car’s damages. Taking legal action seeks money for anything from medical bills to your emotional pain and suffering.

●        You should always seek the help of a car accident attorney following a crash of any sort. This professional can help you work with your insurance company to obtain as much money as possible and also can help you decide if you should take legal action.


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