Personal injury—what a vague term when it’s taken out of context! Does it mean an injury afflicted to one’s person, or does it mean an injury you feel sensitive about and do not wish to disclose? When we’re talking about the legal field, though, the term loses all of its vagueness and takes on a very specific meaning. This meaning can and will direct the path of your law case, from how your personal injury lawyer goes about collecting information to what kinds of financial reimbursement you may be entitled to.


Though law is a notoriously difficult subject (there’s a reason personal injury attorneys must undergo such extensive schooling), JD Haas is here to help you understand it so that you can walk into your first consultation with us well-informed. Below we dive into the basics of personal injury cases, from what might qualify as one to a few common types.

Personal Injury Law: A Primer

The term “personal injury” in law is a very broad umbrella phrase that encompasses many subgenres, if you will, of legal practice. In essence, it describes law that deals with an individual’s being hurt (hence the “injured”) by another entity’s negligent or reckless behavior. An injury lawyer can help you do anything from figuring out liability to settling with any applicable insurance companies.


Common personal injury cases include:


●        Wrongful death. Yes, if a person passed due to another party not taking the proper care, that person’s loved ones might be able to take legal action and recover money with the help of an injury attorney. If we’re being nitpicky, though, “wrongful death” can be seen as its own area of law.

●        Car crashes. Getting injured in an auto accident as a result of another driver’s negligence or recklessness is a common type of personal injury case we see at JD Haas. State-specific definitions of recklessness in this context do determine the outcome of the case.

●        Animal attacks. If you or a loved one was injured by someone else’s animal, you might be able to file a personal injury case. Aggressive dogs aren’t the only pets that are at the center of these types of cases; injuries sustained from horses, cattle, and other livestock can also warrant legal action.

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