It's common practice to exchange insurance information with the other party after a car accident happens. Most of us have been taught to do this in drivers education classes. But is that the same thing as a legal procedure? JD Haas, a team of car accident lawyers, is here to set the record straight about legal procedures, insurance claims, and car accidents.


Whether you’ve recently been in a minor fender-bender or had your vehicle totaled entirely, it pays to know a bit about car accident law. The roads get slick here come winter, causing many car accidents in Minnesota each year. Even if you are one of the lucky few who has never found themselves in a scrape, read on. You might need this information some day.

Filing Insurance Claims vs. Taking Legal Action

Both insurance claims and taking legal action can result in the obtaining of funds, and a qualified car accident attorney can help you get the most money from either situation. But that’s where the similarities end. Filing an insurance claim is much different than seeking to recover legal damages.


●        In filing an insurance claim, you’ll be working with an insurance company. This might sound like common sense, but let us elaborate. When you file an insurance claim, you are notifying the appropriate company of your loss and trying to collect damage from that company. In no way does this involve a direct legal interaction between you and the other driver. You are trying to collect money from a large company, not any singular legal defendant.


●        In taking legal action, you seek to recover damages from the other driver. In this circumstance, you are taking action directly against the other entities involved in your accident. Car injury lawyers and car injury attorneys can help you establish liability – fault in the eye of the law. Establishing the other party as liable may allow you to collect damages related to emotional pain and suffering, lost income, or medical expenses.

Still Confused? JD Haas is Here to Help

With our free case evaluations, we can tell you if you’d be better off filing an insurance claim or pressing legal charges—and we can help you do both with ease. Give our Minneapolis office a call now at 952-345-1025. We also serve Saint Paul, Bloomington, and Rochester.