Few things are more traumatizing than having your child wrongfully hurt by someone else. Of course, all children are subject to the occasional self-induced tripping-and-falling, but when another entity whom you trusted, through carelessness or negligence, causes your child serious harm, the emotions you must be feeling as a parent or guardian might seem overwhelming. Though what these emotions exactly are can vary depending on the circumstance, they no doubt can loom large over your mind, clouding your judgment and sometimes making for many a sleepless night.


At JD Haas, we fully sympathize with your plight. After all, we became a team of child injury lawyers and child injury attorneys for a reason. Throughout our history, we’ve strived to bring justice and emotional peace to those in need, and we vow to do the same for you. Indeed, a personal injury lawyer or wrongful death attorney (depending on your situation) can do wonders for your emotional state in the wake of a child injury case. Read on to discover how below.

Taking Legal Action can be Cathartic

Though we are in no way advocating for the vengeful taking of legal action, as child injury lawyers, we’ve seen how soothing even investigating one’s legal options can be in the wake of a serious child injury. It can place control of the situation back into your hands, granting you a sense of autonomy and power that no doubt has been sorely missing since your child was injured.


Pursuing legal action or contacting a lawyer in the wake of a child’s injury can also:


●        Help you pay for any related medical expenses | Such expenses can weigh heavily on your conscience, especially if you have no idea how you’ll pay for them. Should you have a viable legal case, the money gained from it can help pay for these expenses, letting you rest a little easier.

●        Help to collect an insurance settlement | Again, money is frequently a concern when a child is severely injured. At JD Haas, we will fight for you in order to achieve the highest possible settlement from the applicable insurance company. You deserve the monetary resources you need to care for you and your child during this trying time.

●        Validate your non-monetary suffering | For example, you may be able to collect damages for your child’s resulting loss of living quality. Having these struggles validated by addressing them through the legal system can allow you and your child to move forward emotionally.

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