If you’ve just been in a car accident, no doubt you’ve been left reeling. Dealing with insurance companies, getting your vehicle repaired, calling friends and family to make transportation arrangements until your car can get fixed, the list goes on and on! Indeed, the time after a car accident is quite a stressful one; you need all the help you can get. Have you considered contacting a car accident lawyer to provide it?


If you’ve been in an accident, the thought of taking legal action has no doubt crossed your mind. However, you could also be in a very different camp. A car accident lawyer? You might very well be thinking. I don’t want to go to court! I want to resolve this as quickly as possible. What use is such a service to me?


Regardless of how you feel after your car accident or what route you choose to pursue, a reputable car accident attorney can help you along the way. Their services can be much more multifaceted than a lot of people think. JD Haas, a Minneapolis team of personal injury lawyers and wrongful death attorneys, explains what a car accident lawyer can do for you below.


An Asterisk Of Sorts: There Can Be a Difference Between A Lawyer and Attorney

Before we continue, you must be aware of this. Though in this post, we use the terms interchangeably as many lay-people often do, the official title of the legal professional whose services you seek can have a direct effect on what they can and cannot do for you. Always make sure your legal help of choice can provide the services you’re looking for before committing.


That aside, those who work in the legal field and handle car accident cases can often help you by:

●        Assisting in insurance negotiations | Even if you don’t want to go to court, you no doubt want the largest insurance settlement possible. Qualified legal professionals can help.

●        Help you determine your legal options | Would it be better, financially speaking, to settle with insurance companies or try to take your case to court? Legal help will answer this question for you.

●        Contact and seek the opinion of “expert witnesses” | Through their specialized knowledge, these people provide unique case perspectives that can help establish liability, or fault, when it comes to your situation.

Want to Investigate Your Options? JD Haas Can Help

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