We’ve all encountered them: the dreaded speeding ticket. Regardless of whether you knew how fast you were going, you’re now on the line for potentially hundreds of dollars, and your driving record is now decidedly less-than-clean. You’re filled with anxiety and regret; if only there was a way to contest your ticket and get off the hook!


Of course, there is, but not many people choose to do it. Contesting a speeding ticket in court can be difficult, especially if you’re unprepared, but it certainly is not impossible. JD Haas, as a team of Minneapolis personal injury lawyers and car accident attorneys, is here to discuss how and when you should contest a traffic ticket.

The Short Version: Contest it if the Violation is Serious

For example, it can be hard to win If you’re potentially on the line for reckless driving, but you’ll want to at least begin to contest the ticket. Serious offenses like this can, in some circumstances and states, lead to jail time and fines, as well as a nasty ding on your record. Protect your rights with a qualified car accident lawyer in these cases!


As we implied above, laws are state-specific regarding tickets and violations. If you’re at all unsure about whether or not your speed-related auto accident is arguable, it’s wise to get a case evaluation from a qualified car accident attorney (JD Haas offers free, no-strings-attached evaluations to anyone in need).


Additional factors that could lead to a viable contestation include the following:


●        You were not actually speeding | If you are in heavy traffic, it’s easy for an officer to pull over the wrong car and ticket the wrong driver, while unintentionally letting the true culprit go free. Can it be proven that there were factors that led to an honest mistake made by the officer who pulled you over?

●        The law states you are not at fault | Of course, this is a state-specific factor. A qualified lawyer will be able to let you know if you were really doing something illegal, or if the officer simply misunderstood the law and enforced it improperly.

●        The officer did not use the proper equipment to determine your speed | If the officer incorrectly determined your speed, you might have viable grounds to contest your speeding ticket.

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