Seeking help from a personal injury lawyer or personal injury attorney can, on the surface, be quite intimidating! These people are highly educated, smart, and courageous, often needing to negotiate claims with insurance companies and heroically defend clients in court. Even if you seek their services, you might worry about “making a fool of yourself” or not following what your injury lawyer or injury attorney is saying.


Rest assured that when you work with JD Haas, you’ll never be left in the dark. Our team strives to learn the ins and outs of your situation, and an inherent part of doing so is communicating in a way that both parties can understand. If you’re at all worried about being left behind as the case unfolds, you’ve found the right team of personal injury lawyers in us.


That being said, you still might want to know what tends to happen during a personal injury case, as this can help you and your lawyer get your case moving. We discuss this topic below.

Not All Personal Injury Cases Will Go to Court

Some simply involve negotiation with an applicable insurance company; there is no need to plan for legal proceedings should you not choose that route. While going to court is a perfectly viable option for some personal injury cases, other victims might simply choose to collect a settlement and be done with it. What happens in a personal injury case is largely up to you and your personal injury attorney.


No matter which route you decide to take, though, your legal professional will generally:


●        Attempt to pinpoint the liable entity | Who is at fault here? Usually, your personal injury attorney will attempt to prove that this entity is directly responsible for the harm that came to you, which enables you to collect a monetary settlement.

●        Gather evidence to prove liability | Can it be proven that the other entity is at fault via police reports, photographic evidence, or eyewitness testimony? Your personal injury attorney may consider all of these as they work to build a case or negotiate with the applicable insurance company.

●        Answer all of your questions | At least, we will, and we believe all personal injury attorneys should! As the case and its results directly pertain to you, you should expect to have all your questions, no matter how “silly” they sound, answered in a timely, direct, and kindly manner.

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