You’ve been injured, and you know your case would be of interest to a personal injury lawyer or a personal injury attorney. Physically, you’re hurt, but emotionally, you’re ready to go through with taking action. However, mentally, are you up to the task of finding the right injury attorney for you?


Indeed, picking an injury lawyer from the seemingly infinite number of them out there isn’t an easy task. If you're in this boat, don’t fear; JD Haas is here to help. As personal injury lawyers ourselves, we know all about what the ideal personal injury attorney looks like—we strive to that definition day in and day out, after all! Below, we’ll discuss how to know if you’re on the right track to finding your perfect legal partner.

Does the Personal Injury Lawyer Handle my Case Type?

“Personal injury” is a widely-encompassing term; there are many different legal situations that can fall underneath its umbrella. If the website of your potential lawyer explicitly states they specialize in your individual case type (car accidents, for example), you’re on the right track.

What Do Their Reviews Look Like?

What their clients say about them should reflect a high degree of professionalism, intelligence, compassion, and drive. Indeed, compassion is of paramount importance in this field, as we talk about in our injury attorney blog; if their clients attest to their genuine care, then the lawyer in question looks promising.

Do They Offer Free Case Evaluations?

If so, send your case in! There’s no obligation, after all. If you’re on the fence about multiple personal injury lawyers, consider drafting a message to send to both. Take into account both the speed and professionalism with which they reply; this will tell you quite a bit of what kind of service they offer, and if it suits your needs.

Do They Take Time to Discuss Your Options With you?

Contrary to popular belief, injury attorneys do a whole lot more than go to court—and just because you seek the help of one shouldn’t mean you’re obligated to do likewise. Taking a case to that level can be the best avenue for success in some cases, but not all, and your personal injury lawyer should both be aware of this and communicate to you its nuances as they apply to your situation.


For instance, arbitration, as we talk about in our car crash injury lawyer blog, is an option for some cases. In some instances it can lead to a much quicker settlement for a case. While “not many” legal situations undergo this process, as per, it’s still something your injury attorney should discuss with you—even if it’s simply to inform you why it isn’t an option or why it wouldn’t be a smart move. Working solely with insurance policies should also be on the table if it’s applicable.

Do I Get the Impression They Genuinely Care About me?

You go to a legal pro for more than just getting monetary matters moving—you go there for support and for closure, to find an ally in a troubling, turbulent time. The ideal personal injury lawyer will never forget the human element of their trade, and they’ll never lose sight of what matters most: not clout, not personal profits, but the welfare of the client.


If you feel as though your personal injury lawyer dismisses your concerns or treats you as just a way for them to make money, it’s time to ditch them and find one who truly cares. You deserve to be treated kindly from the very get-go. If, at any point, you find otherwise, you know that the personal injury attorney you’re working with isn’t the one for you—or for anyone.

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