For example, if someone dies in a car crash that was decidedly not their fault, is that case a wrongful death case or an auto accident case? What kind of lawyer should be sought: a wrongful death lawyer or a car accident lawyer?


While we can’t discuss all the nuances of the law in a single blog post, we definitely can dive into the question above, as well as point you in the right direction if you’re stuck between lawyers.

Wrongful Death Attorney or Car Accident Attorney: Which One is Right for Me?

Though these two legal areas often go together, a car accident that requires legal action doesn’t always involve a death. Likewise, not all wrongful deaths involve auto accidents. Because these two areas of law are not mutually exclusive, you should seek legal help that has experience in both areas. An amazing car crash injury lawyer might be a horrible wrongful death lawyer. This isn’t a dig on their skills; it’s simply because they’ve only dealt with cases in which death was not a factor. If you’re at all concerned, you need a legal team like JD Haas that explicitly states that they handle both types of cases.


That being said, here are a few rules to keep in mind:


●        If nobody passed away, but you were in a car crash, you need an auto accident lawyer | Though you can certainly still hire a dually-capable lawyer, you most likely won’t be dealing with the wrongful-death side of things, so only expertise in car crashes is required.

●        If you’re negotiating with insurance companies, an auto attorney is essential | These professionals understand the intricacies of insurance companies, allowing you to get the best settlement possible.

●        If the case is otherwise even remotely auto-involved, you need a lawyer who specializes in auto law | Car crashes are complicated things. Your best chance at coming out on top, legally speaking, is working with a lawyer who has experience in this area.

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