It might come as a surprise to you that car accident attorneys and car accident lawyers don’t just take cases to court; those with the right skillset can also help you negotiate with insurance companies to get the maximum settlement—the one you deserve. However, they will struggle to do this with a client who is uneducated regarding their insurance policy, or who is not following proper protocol and being a responsible insurance holder.


If you’re in the market for a car injury lawyer or a truck injury lawyer (or even if you’re not), then it pays to ask yourself: am I a responsible insurance carrier? Am I doing everything that’s legally required of me when it comes to my auto insurance? While every policy and every company is an individual, JD Haas, a team of truck accident attorneys, is here to remind you—or teach you—of some general auto insurance rules of thumb below.

What to Know About Auto Insurance: A Team of Car Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

First and foremost: while Minnesota does not require all conceivable types of auto insurance,  auto insurance of certain types is a legal requirement in the state of Minnesota, according to the Minnesota Department of Commerce. This means that if you are not actively paying for insurance, you are actively breaking the law. Plus, a car injury attorney won’t be able to help you regain the money from your policy should you get in an accident!


When it comes to auto insurance, we, as car crash injury lawyers, would also like you to remember:


●        Talk to us before you settle a claim | The team of auto injury lawyers at JD Haas would be happy to manage your conversations with your insurance company. It’s a complicated area that can often be headache-inducing for the layperson, so let us take the stress out of it for you.

●        Minnesota is a no-fault state | This means, whether you are liable for the accident or not, financial compensation for your injuries comes from your own insurance policy, not that of the other driver.

●        Don’t be afraid to shop around | While a team of personal injury lawyers like us can help you get the best settlement from your current policy, having a good policy in the first place is always helpful. Educate yourself and ask your potential insurance company tough questions. You’ll thank yourself should you ever get in an accident.

Contact JD Haas and Simplify the Post-Accident Procedure

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