If you choose not to hire a personal injury lawyer for accident claim, there are several mistakes you might make that could damage both the validity of your claim and the value of your case.

You May Agree to a Settlement Prematurely

If you sustained severe injuries that require additional medical care, you may settle with the insurance company before you know the extent of your medical bills, your lost wages, or other damages that could occur during treatment or recovery.


There is no need to communicate with the insurance until you know how much your treatment is going to cost. A personal injury lawyer can help you negotiate with the insurance company when the time is right without rushing the process. A lawyer can speak with medical experts on your behalf to go over all your current medical costs and what treatment you may expect in the future.

You May Agree to a Settlement That is Too High or Too Low

It is difficult to figure out how much your case is worth on your own. If you ask for too much or too little, the insurance company may know that you don’t know the full extent of your claim or how you should proceed.


A personal injury lawyer is valuable to your case because they can help you determine your case value and represent you as you negotiate a settlement with the insurance company.

You May Not Have the Experience Necessary to Win Your Particular Case

Not all personal injury cases are the same. Your case comes with a unique set of circumstances that could determine how you may proceed to file a claim against the at-fault party legally. If you’ve never experienced a personal injury case, you may fall into legal pitfalls, fail to meet legal requirements, or worse, the other party or their insurance company may take advantage of you.


A personal injury lawyer has experience and knowledge that equips them to handle a wide range of personal injury cases. An attorney can help you manage any issues that might arise while you are negotiating a settlement with an insurance company or filing a lawsuit against the liable party.

The Stakes Are High in a Personal Injury Case

The difference between winning and losing your case is whether liable for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering or the other party is responsible. If you believe that someone else caused your injuries, then you deserve to pursue your case and recover your expenses.


A personal injury attorney can fight for a fair settlement with the insurance company and help you receive compensation for all of your damages. An attorney can represent you throughout your case, and, if necessary, help you file a lawsuit. If you pursue your case on your own, you could lose hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Your Case Could Drag on For Months or Even Years

Insurance companies know how to work the legal system to their favor. If you do not know about timelines, deadlines, or the litigation process, an insurance company can draw out a case for as long as they need to avoid compensating you for your losses. They may do this in hopes of wearing you down or getting you to agree to a low settlement.


A personal injury attorney may be able to speed up the claims process and get you the compensation you deserve promptly.

Liability is Not Always Cut and Dry

Although you may believe that you have a claim against a liable party for your injuries, the other party may deny liability, or the insurance company may deny your claim. The insurance adjuster may respond to your claim by stating that you do not have enough evidence to support your claim. If you have not gathered enough evidence, you may lose your ability to prove your case.


A personal injury attorney may be able to help you validate your claim by obtaining substantial evidence of your injuries and damages. A lawyer can speak with eyewitnesses and experts, pull your medical records, obtain photo or video footage of the accidents, and submit the evidence to the insurance company.

The Liable Party May Never Pay for Their Actions


If the other party injures you due to gross negligence or reckless behavior, they may not learn from their mistakes or cease their actions. Thus, their carelessness may lead to other accidents in the future.


Personal injury lawyers can help you pursue justice legally and ethically to stop a responsible party from committing the same actions that may lead to someone else's injuries or financial losses.

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