Pro bono: it’s a term so nice it’s spread far beyond the legal industry! Though its transcendence is nothing to sneeze at, it still remains a frequently-used word in legal circles and worthy of discussion on the blog of a law firm. Short for pro bono publico, it denotes legal work done for low or no cost, usually only for a client who cannot afford such services otherwise. How selfless!


We at JD Haas are strong advocates of pro bono work; in fact, we’ve done a fair share of it ourselves. We believe, too, that you, as someone in need of the help of a personal injury lawyer or personal injury attorney, should never do business with a legal firm that has no history of pro bono work—even if you are able to pay for your services. Work done for the public good speaks volumes about a given wrongful death lawyer or injury attorney, and when it comes to your case’s legal outcome, you can’t afford to take a chance on a lawyer whose character is anything but sterling.

Pro Bono Work Speaks Louder Than, Well, Almost Anything

As you know, legal work can be costly. Personal injury lawyers who have a history of pro bono work have demonstrated that monetary concerns come second when they see a client in need. Though every injury lawyer needs to put food on the table, previous pro bono work shows what really matters to a personal injury lawyer:


●        Their clients’ welfare | Because they put money second, personal injury lawyers actively demonstrate that what matters most, at the end of the day, is a client’s welfare, regardless of that client’s ability to pay. It shows an understanding of the value of human life, regardless of that human’s financial standing, and when it comes to personal injury lawyers, such a compassionate line of thinking is essential.

●        Justice | Justice, not money, should be of value in any personal injury lawyer’s mind, and history of pro bono work shows that it is. Pro bono personal injury lawyers have demonstrated a love of justice that surpasses a love of money. You deserve this type of service when you’re dealing with a personal injury case, especially if it was particularly traumatic or expensive.

●        Passion | Personal injury lawyers with a history of pro bono work are passionate about what they do. They don’t need to be motivated by a paycheck to perform at their best. Don’t you want this kind of intrinsic drive when it comes to your personal injury attorney?

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