If you’re seeking a wrongful death lawyer or wrongful death attorney, no doubt your frame of mind is fraught with emotion. A loved one of yours has just died, and wrongly, at that—how on Earth are you supposed to cope, let alone pick the right kind of service for your particular case? And oh, goodness, after that, you’ll need to get the right kinds of information together to help your injury lawyer win your case, then schedule meetings with them, and the list goes on and on. When you look at all you need to do to find and begin to work with an injury attorney, it can be tempting to just want to curl up in front of the TV under a nice, heavy blanket and ignore all of your hardships until you feel emotionally ready to handle them—whenever that is.


Of course, though, you know that’s not a wise move. You deserve the compensation that can come from wrongful death cases, which can include:


●        Money to compensate for the loss of companionship you have endured | Your loved one no doubt played an integral role in your social life—they were a loved one, after all. While no amount of cash can replace the loss of life, the money you receive from this aspect of a successful wrongful death case can help you and your family get back on—or stay on—your feet during the tumultuous grieving process.

●        Money to replace lost income | If your loved one helped to provide for you and/or your children, it could be next to impossible to deal with that financial strain in addition to your emotional needs, especially with the current global health crisis. A successful wrongful death case with a competent wrongful death lawyer can get you the money you need to keep pushing forward when it seems your universe is falling apart.

●        Money as recompense for your emotional distress | Again, no amount of money can make it okay that you and your loved one went through what you did. However, the legal system makes it possible for victims to reclaim funds should they have watched their loved one suffer before their death, or if you have found yourself depressed after their passing. You can use this money to put food on the table or to par for the psychological counseling you need; it’s up to you.

●        Money to cover medical and funeral costs | You shouldn’t need to pay full cost for a funeral for a death that was somebody else’s fault. Likewise, if the medical bills you’re dealing with are a result of your loved one’s wrongful passing, you shouldn’t need to pay for those, either. Money obtained from a successful wrongful death case can be given to help pay for both of these items, lessening your financial stress and giving you the emotional capacity to deal with your grief in a healthy way.


Indeed, the right wrongful death lawyer can help to get you the money you deserve to cope after a traumatizing event. For your own mind’s sake, you know you should seek one, and JD Haas is here to help simplify the process. As a team of wrongful death attorneys that strives for excellence in everything that we do, we’re all-too-familiar with what makes a great wrongful death lawyer, and we’re more than happy to break that down for you. In addition to your potential wrongful death lawyer needing compassion, a topic which we’ve written extensively about, your wrongful death lawyer will need to have knowledge of many areas of the law. While we mentioned this in the above blog post, we feel versatility is notable enough to deserve an individual testament to its importance.

Why Must My Wrongful Death Lawyer be Versatile?

●        Few cases are cut-and-dry when it comes to wrongful death | Even if on a surface level, a case looks fairly simple to you—for example, your loved one died as a result of another person’s reckless driving—law in any case, rarely is so straightforward. For example, to build a successful case with the aforementioned circumstances, your wrongful death lawyer might also need to have worked as a car crash injury lawyer and a general injury lawyer to understand what defenses the opposing party might bring to the table, which means your case has a greater likelihood to be successful.

●        To ensure efficiency, previous knowledge is paramount | Sure, a specialized wrongful death lawyer might be able to research the topics which pertain to your case that they’re unfamiliar with—but that takes time, time that would be spent by a more versatile wrongful death lawyer gathering evidence and clearing their case of potential weak points. In the interest of not dragging things out more than you can emotionally handle at this point, you should seek a versatile wrongful death lawyer.

●        Versatility hones thinking skills | The more familiar your potential wrongful death lawyer is with many areas of law, the more they’ll be able to recognize patterns, understand generalities for what they are, and make new connections—all things that can lead to a strong case.

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