Need help understanding personal injury law? JD Haas is here to help! Our team of Twin Cities personal injury attorneys has helped many Minnesotans just like you receive the justice they deserve after suffering a personal injury, and we’ve done it without the unnecessary confusion so many other legal professionals seem to conjure in their clients.


To have a personal injury case is to encounter a situation in which one person is injured by the negligence or carelessness of another. The former party is then entitled to monetary compensation (payments) due to their suffering.


Sound broad? It is! An injury lawyer can handle any number of cases that fall under this umbrella. Let’s break down personal injury law into smaller categories to help you find the legal help you need and deserve.

Wrongful Death Cases

If somebody you love has passed due to another party’s carelessness, you’d need the services of a wrongful death lawyer. These legal professionals simplify the tough process of finding justice after death turns a family upside down.

Car Accidents

Every fender-bender has a story behind it, and if yours is one of having suffered unjustly, you could need a car crash injury lawyer to help. These lawyers make sure that your rights are protected during the crucial time post-accident.

Child Injuries

Nothing can break your trust like your child being injured in somebody else’s care. If this has happened to you, a child injury lawyer will be able to help you receive the compensation you deserve. 

Animal Attacks

Bitten by somebody else’s dog? Such attacks can leave you or your loved ones severely traumatized and deep in medical debt. Seek the money and closure you deserve with the help of a dog bite lawyer.

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