The lives of our loved ones often seem like a constant, until they don’t. Right now, you’re left reeling in the aftermath of a horrible tragedy–the wrongful death of a child close to you, a tiny life cut short by another person’s negligence. Where can you go from here? How do you go about picking up the pieces?


We at JD Haas, a team of personal injury attorneys and wrongful death lawyers, humbly suggest seeking legal help. Though right now it may feel difficult even getting out of bed in the morning, making headway on finding the justice and closure you deserve can be quite beneficial to the healing process.


Of course, the financial benefits from seeking such closure also deserve a mention too. As someone dealing with what’s no doubt been a very traumatic experience, you may find it difficult right now to hold a job, or at least to work as many hours as you used to. Please, from a compassionate team of child injury attorneys, don’t beat yourself up about this! Grief affects everyone differently, and the fact of the matter is that money can become a concern during this traumatic time.


Even though we believe you deserve time in peace to grieve, seeking legal help from a personal injury lawyer can mean that you and your family can regain funds from your case. Should your case be proven viable, you may be compensated for a variety of expenses associated with the wrongful death.

Funeral Expenses

You should never have to pay for a funeral because someone else simply neglected to care. When you pursue legal help with a wrongful death lawyer for a child’s death, you can receive money in compensation that will help you give your loved one the send-off they deserve.

Medical Expenses

If someone else via negligence put your child in the hospital before they passed, you might be able to use the recovered funds to help cover medical bills. During a day and age wherein medical costs are higher than ever, this can mean quite the load off of your shoulders. You don’t deserve to have the constant reminder of your loved one’s passing invading your home in the form of bills and strife.

Pain and Suffering

Nobody can put a price on the agony you’ve endured, but the law allows for some payment for it in the form of money. Should your case prove successful, you could be awarded cash for what the other party put you through.

Loss of Companionship

Your child was a significant figure in your life. You loved them, and you lost them due to a person’s lack of care. Should your case prove successful, your wrongful death lawyer could win you money due to your loss of companionship. While this money won’t fill the hole your child left behind, it will certainly help you get back on your feet and return to a life they would be happy to see you live.

What Can I Expect From a Wrongful Death Lawyer?

You very well may still be leery at this point regarding seeking legal help—perhaps due to your not knowing what to expect. Going into any legal office to discuss such a sensitive topic might feel like handing your heart to a stranger on a silver platter if you don’t know what else you might encounter.


While we can’t speak for every team of child injury lawyers, we at JD Haas can certainly speak for ourselves. Here’s what to expect from us when you walk into our office with a child’s wrongful death case:


●        The gentle handling of difficult questions.

While we may need to ask for details surrounding your child’s wrongful death, we strive to handle such questions with one of our cardinal values: compassion. We’ll only ask what is necessary for us to win your case, and we strive to be sensitive. Though we’re experienced in the legal field, we haven’t let that experience dull our care for our clients.


●        Careful service.

Larger law firms cannot afford to take the time they need with each client to fully explore all legal avenues. Not so with the wrongful death lawyers at JD Haas; being a smaller team, we’ll slow things down for you and carefully consider each and every detail before moving forward with any legal proceedings.


●        A kind listening ear.

We’re not here to judge. We’re here to bring you justice. While television lawyers have the reputation of being cold and uncaring, our team works hard to be the opposite—something that shows in our many positive injury lawyer testimonials.

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