You were injured, but maybe the cause is fuzzy. Perhaps you’re not sure if it was due to your negligence or someone else’s. That’s why you’re on the fence – should you seek the help of a personal injury lawyer?


On one hand, you certainly would like to know if you’re entitled to financial compensation for your woes. However, you’re leery of spending money on legal services that may or may not amount to anything.


At JD Haas, we understand your concerns, especially given the volatile state of current global affairs. That’s why our personal injury attorneys offer free case evaluations to anyone in need, no questions asked and no strings attached. Simply drop us a line with as much information about your case as you can give, and we’ll get back to you promptly, letting you know if we can help.

What Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Do for Me?

During our risk-free case evaluations, our injury attorneys often help people who don’t quite know where their personal injury cases stand yet.


If you seek out our help, here’s what you can expect:


●        We’ll listen to your story. Sometimes, just getting it all out can help you see a situation in a new light. At JD Haas, our compassion for all sorts of cases gives us great listening ears!


Speaking with our experienced and understanding team can help determine whether you have a viable personal injury case on your hands, which can help you move towards closure after the potentially traumatic event.


●        We’ll help you explore your options. If you don’t have a personal injury case, your time with us will most likely end with your free evaluation. However, if we find you do have a personal injury case, we’re here for you as you explore what to do next.


Whether you choose to simply negotiate with insurance or to outright take the case to court, we’re behind you with our years of legal experience. Wouldn’t you like to know if there was something you’re missing?


●        We’ll help you take control of the situation. Being in limbo is incredibly stressful, and if you don’t know if you’ve got a viable case on your hands, it’s bound to eat away at you. Our injury attorneys can give you decisive advice and put your nagging suspicions to rest for good so you can move on – be that with legal proceedings or with your life.

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