We hope you’re reading this blog post as a preventative measure, but if not, don’t panic! JD Haas is here to help if you’ve recently been in an auto accident. Our team of car crash injury lawyers knows the basics of navigating the post-car-crash scene like the back of their hands.

Step 1: Assess the situation and get yourself to safety.

Provided nobody was injured and your vehicle still works, pull off to a safe location and take a moment to breathe.

Step 2: Exchange insurance information with the other driver.

This can include, but is not limited to, your name, phone number, and insurance policy number. Consult your state’s official government website for location-specific information.

Step 3: Call your insurance company.

They will tell you what actions to take next, and many policies require that you deal with this sort of situation quickly.


It goes without saying, but never admit fault at the scene of a car accident. Doing so can be legally damaging and can lead to a headache of an insurance-claim process.


After that—can you go on your (not so) merry way and forget about the accident until your insurance company gets back to you? Not quite. As a team of car accident lawyers, we have one more piece of advice that anyone who has undergone the trauma of a car accident should follow:

Invest in the Help of a Car Injury Lawyer

Yes, even if nobody was injured, and yes, even if you think your insurance will handle things well. An injury lawyer can, in this case, do a number of things that can ensure your post-car-accident process goes smoothly and seamlessly.


●        Personal injury lawyers can help you get the most money out of your insurance claim. Insurance companies are not always the most generous of entities. You need the help of a competent injury lawyer on your side, one who knows all the loopholes and will fight for the settlement you deserve.

●        Car crash injury lawyers can help you determine if you can take certain legal action following the event. Such legal action can, additionally, help you receive the monetary compensation that you deserve.


●        Injury lawyers make dealing with the insurance company simple. Insurance is complicated, but you don’t need us to tell you that. When you invest in the help of a car injury lawyer, interpreting your policy becomes simple and stress-free.

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