Law is complex, and a case often doesn’t fit into a single cut-and-dry category – that much is obvious. If you’ve ever tried to interpret a legal document on your own without the proper training, you’ll know what we mean.


However, if you are debating seeking the help of a wrongful death lawyer or injury attorney to assist you with an impending legal matter, you’d be wise to gain a cursory understanding of the potential categories your case could fit into. Lawyers often advertise their services with the types of clients they take on. A lawyer might not describe themselves as just a lawyer, but a personal injury lawyer, for example. Knowing what type of case you’re dealing with will help match you with the right legal help.


But don’t go gallivanting off to the internet just yet. Deciphering the legalese written there will just give you a headache. JD Haas, a team of accoladed wrongful death attorneys, is here to break that complexity down. Let’s discuss a few common categories of wrongful death cases and what kind of lawyer might be able to handle them.

Categorizing Wrongful Death Cases

To reiterate: It’s rare that a case fits neatly inside a legal box. The intent of the following non-exhaustive list is simply to serve as a starting point for beginning to understand your wrongful death case and what type of injury lawyer might be able to help you.


Always reach out for a case evaluation and speak with the lawyer personally before making your hiring decision!


●        If you’re dealing with an animal attack, hire a dog bite lawyer, or another lawyer that specializes in animal-related deaths. This may seem obvious, but far too many people settle for more broad legal help. Though a general wrongful death lawyer may still be able to help you, one who specializes in this area will best be able to understand its various nuances.


●        If you’re reeling after the death of a child, hire a child injury attorney. Even if the lawyer you’ve got your eyes on specializes in other categories your case falls into, the law can vary greatly between minors and adults. Make sure any potential lawyer you hire is familiar with child-related laws that pertain to the given situation.


●        Car crash lawyers can best help with auto-related fatalities. Car crashes are traumatic and complex, and they’re a difficult legal branch all on their own, as insurance also can be involved. If you’ve lost a loved one in a car crash, make sure the legal cavalry you call in is familiar with both auto accidents and wrongful death.

JD Haas Provides Compassionate, Multidisciplinary Legal Help

You don’t need to pour over directories and databases during this stressful time to find competent legal help. JD Haas has a team with all the various areas of experience you need to get the justice you deserve.


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