With Minnesota’s relatively new hands-free law, it’s become common knowledge that it’s not safe to look at one’s phone while driving. You don’t need a car accident attorney to tell you that!


Breaking the hands-free law isn’t the only thing that can land you in a legally sticky auto accident. All sorts of distractions – some of which you may not even think of as distractions – can lead to a bashed-up car and you needing the help of an injury attorney for insurance or legal matters.


JD Haas, your Minneapolis team of personal injury lawyers, is here to discuss a few of them, as well as what you can do to keep yourself safe and sound on the road ahead.

Impetuous Passengers

You’re probably used to ferrying your kids, loved ones, or friends from place to place. Generally speaking, having a passenger in the car isn’t a distraction in and of itself if they are respectful of your need for concentration.


However, loud or otherwise obtrusive passengers really can take a toll on your ability to drive a car safely. Take this into account before leaving your driveway and seat everyone for maximum comfort. Not only will safe driving be easier, but you’ll also arrive at your destination relatively stress-free.

Dashboard Bobbleheads

While they’re indeed cute, sticking a figurine to your dashboard can actually serve as a significant distraction, especially if it wobbles about. As an obstruction of your windshield, it can cause a major blind spot that you have to actively work around while driving, which in turn creates a major attention-hog.


If you’ve got one, take it down and put it on the shelf. Trust a team of injury lawyers: You’ll thank us later.

Eating or Drinking

We know, we know – it’s tempting to tear into that fast-food burger while it’s still hot. But wait to savor that food until you get home, or pull off into the parking lot to chow down!


From excessive heat to sauce dripping everywhere, food can certainly keep your attention away from where it’s supposed to be: on the road. Drinking, too, can have the same effect. It’s true that cold beverages are unlikely to cause pain if, for example, you accelerate too suddenly, but they can still slosh everywhere, and taking a sip prevents you from having both hands safely on the wheel.

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