If you are the victim of slander in the state of Minnesota, then you have the legal right to file a claim or lawsuit against the guilty party and pursue compensation for your losses. You also have the right to hire a slander or defamation of character attorney in Minnesota to represent you and help you with your case.


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How to Establish Who is At Fault in a Defamation of Character Case

In a Defamation of Character case, we must establish that another party is responsible for hurting your reputation and, as a result, you experienced financial losses or other damages.


Some examples of at-fault parties that may have made slanderous statements against include:


●        A coworker

●        A previous employer

●        A media or news outlet

●        An ex-spouse

●        An unsatisfied client or customer


There are several factors that determine how we can establish who is liable for your damages and how their statements hurt your reputation.

How a Slander Attorney in Minnesota Can Help You with Your Case

A JD Haas & Associates, PLLC slander attorney can help you in the following ways:


●        Handle all of the necessary documents and help you submit your claim

●        Ensure that you practice due diligence in every facet of making a claim

●        Obtain evidence of liability and the value of your case

●        Engage with the at-fault party on your behalf to negotiate a settlement

●        If necessary, take your case to court if a settlement cannot be reached

What Can You Claim in a Defamation Case?

The circumstances of the case will ultimately determine what you can claim and how much your case is worth. You may be able to claim the following:

Lost Earnings

You may be able to claim lost pay or lost revenue, as well as any future earning capacity. You may also be able to cite how the guilty party caused you to lose any business or economic opportunities or clients.

Healthcare Costs

If you require any medical or mental health care as a result of slanderous statements, you may also be entitled to recover damages for your medical bills and expenses.


You may also be able to claim any non-economic damages such as mental anguish, emotional distress, loss of lifestyle, or other emotional or mental-related conditions.

What About Online Defamation?

If you are the victim of online defamation, a defamation attorney may be able to help you with your case. To win an online defamation case, you will need to establish the following:


●        The statements were opinions and not based on fact.

●        The statements hurt your personal or professional reputation.

●        The statements led to a financial loss or other damages.

●        The at-fault party made the statements without practicing due diligence. In other words, the other party did not research the facts or have full disclosure before making the statements.

1.      In some cases, you must prove that there was an intent to harm or that the other party acted recklessly without regard to the facts

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