The aftermath of a wrongful death case is certainly traumatic, which makes getting affairs in order all the more complex. Insurance, in particular, is complicated on a good day; when you're left reeling, navigating these confounding waters, so to speak, can feel all but impossible. What benefits are you eligible for? When will they arrive?


JD Haas, your Minneapolis team of wrongful death lawyers, has a few answers below to help you through this troubling time.

The Short Answer: Usually Yes, but Insurance Is Highly Individualized and Complex

What, specifically, your policy covers is written into it in no uncertain terms, and every policy is unique to the purchaser. Generally speaking, though, the answer is yes. Wrongful death can be covered under a few insurance types—namely some auto insurance policies or even the homeowners insurance of the other party, if it’s applicable. That being said, tracking down the right insurance company and getting the compensation you deserve is a lot trickier than it might seem at first, for quite a few reasons.

Insurance Companies Don’t Have Your Best Interests at Heart

This is, of course, a generalization. We’re also not speaking about the character of anyone who works in insurance—merely the inherent goal of all insurance companies to make money, which is directly in opposition to their providing ample financial compensation. In other words, because it is considered financially detrimental to insurance companies to pay out large settlements, they might not do your case justice.


It’s all the more reason to get an injury lawyer on your side; they know your rights and can also handle communications, putting themselves out there to get the compensation you deserve.

Insurance Language Is Tricky

Have you ever sat down to read through an insurance policy in its entirety? It’s a lengthy process, often involving annotations and perhaps multiple cups of coffee; they aren’t the most stimulating things, in addition to being sometimes impossibly complicated.


That’s another reason that you need to get an injury attorney on your side. If any part of your policy is misinterpreted—something quite likely to happen to a non-pro—you could lose out on vast swaths of potential benefits that you are rightly entitled to as a paid customer of that company.

The Compassionate Wrongful Death Attorneys at JD Haas are Here to Help

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