As far as personal injury cases go, injuries to children are probably the most emotionally charged. Everyone involved most likely wants what’s best for the child, and it can be hard to think clearly about such matters when that’s at stake!


It’s important to learn a bit about child injury cases before one occurs, so that you’re prepared to handle yourself and your dependents in a courteous and legal manner. JD Haas, your Minneapolis team of injury lawyers, is here to help.


Let’s take a look at the concept of liability as it pertains to child injury law, and how the two intersect.

A Quick Lowdown on Liability

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, here’s a primer: Liability is essentially, according to Insuranceopedia, “a person or entity’s responsibility under law.”


In other words, it’s a legal obligation to act a certain way or to do a certain thing. All of us are subject to certain must-dos in the current legal system—such as, for example, driving on the correct side of the street—and it’s common sense we’d uphold them.


But when the rubber hits the road regarding legal matters, sometimes establishing that liability and the following breach of it that led to an accident with a child can get a little more complicated.

What Are a Few Child Injury Situations Where Liability Can Be Established?

Law is a broad and sweeping practice, and the details of specific situations are best left to be explained in person at your injury attorney’s office.


However, there are two instances in which liability frequently comes into play alongside child injury.

Distracted Driving

We all know the dangers of distracted driving. If the constant inundation of public safety ads wasn’t enough, we’ve delved into a few of the more uncommon situations that can cause it in our car crash lawyer blog “3 Little-Known Causes of Distracted Driving.”


Should your child be injured by means of a reckless driver or one who was distracted, you very well could have a viable case on your hands.

Negligent Daycare Procedures

You’re owed peace of mind while your child is at school or daycare. Such officials are supposed to create a safe, nurturing environment for your child to grow, play, and learn in.


Failure to create a safe environment can indeed lead to child injury; a lawyer for child injury at school can help you explore your options.

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