Wrongful death cases are complicated, no matter where they take place. From gathering evidence to working with arbitrators during the potential alternative dispute resolution process, quite a bit goes on, and there’s quite a bit to work through. When you add state-specific laws to the mix, it all can feel almost too overwhelming to bear!

As a Wisconsin team of wrongful death lawyers, JD Haas is here to help. Below, we’ll detail a few helpful things to know before going forward with your wrongful death case in Wisconsin.

Many People Related to the Deceased Can File a Wrongful Death Case in Wisconsin

Each and every state has its own regulations about who can and can’t file a wrongful death case. In Wisconsin, the law is relatively lenient about who can do so; parents, children, domestic partners, and spouses all can bring their case to a qualified wrongful death lawyer. In some cases, individuals outside of this group may be considered.

For instance, the Wisconsin state legislature states that “An action for wrongful death may be brought by the personal representative of the deceased person or by the person to whom the amount recovered belongs.” In this case, a personal representative is the individual who is responsible for the estate of your deceased loved one; the two do not necessarily have to be related by blood.

A Variety of Damages Can Be Recovered in Wisconsin Wrongful Death Cases

All wrongful death cases can mean that you recover financial damages, but the type varies depending on the state and the specific circumstances. In Wisconsin, for instance, an injury attorney can assist you in receiving compensation for funeral expenses, applicable medical bills for which you are liable, loss of companionship, and more.

To make sure you get the most out of these varied categories, make sure you seek the help of a renowned injury lawyer. Navigating them on your own can be all but impossible, given the tragedy you’ve just been through.

Who Gets the Settlement Can Vary

Though what kinds of settlements can be recovered are various, navigating who gets what isn’t always straightforward. Much of how things hash out depends on who is dealing with the damages in the first place—the family of the deceased or the estate, for instance.

JD Haas: Compassion Sets us Apart as Wrongful Death Attorneys

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