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From monthly archives: November 2019

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What Even is a Civil Litigation Case?

You probably are familiar with the word “civil,” and maybe the word “litigation,” but what on Earth do those terms mean when put together? You may wonder what civil litigation lawyers (also simply called civil lawyers for short) do for their careers. You may also wonder, if you feel you’ve been legally wronged, if you could make use of their services!

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Is My Personal Injury Case Winnable?

So is your personal injury case winnable? Well, if that question was straightforward, we at JD Haas would be out of jobs! Personal injury lawyers have complicated occupations, and whether any given case is winnable depends on the specifics of state law and the case occurrences themselves. It’s impossible to give you a straight answer in a single blog post; you’re much better off coming in for a free consultation.

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