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Dueling Immunities: Minnesota Shopkeeper’s Privilege to Detain & Self Defense

In the State of Minnesota, shopkeepers have a limited privilege to arrest or detain based on Minn. Stat. § 629.366 (2018). This statute grants civil and criminal immunity as long as the statutory requirements are met. In short, the shopkeeper must have a reasonable cause to believe the individual is shoplifting to proceed, reasonable force must be used in detention and the detainee must be informed of the purpose of the arrest.

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How Do You Know If Your Case Is Winnable?

Determining if you have enough evidence to win a personal injury case can be difficult, but with the right team of lawyers, it can be easier than you think. At JD Haas & Associates, we help clients determine whether their case may be winnable based on a set criteria:

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Concussions and Other Brain Injuries: What is TBI?

One of the most common injuries that stems from an accident is a concussion. However, in some cases, an injury even more severe can occur, resulting in a traumatic brain injury (TBI). While these types of injuries are usually caused by an accident, this doesn’t mean someone isn’t at fault. If you can prove your injury was caused by the negligence of another party, you may have a personal injury case and should consider contacting a lawyer.

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