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From monthly archives: January 2020

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Your Rights as an Apartment Tenant

The apartment industry is full of all types of landlords. Most, of course, are simply in the business to make a modest living, while also providing a very necessary service to people who cannot afford a home. Through rentable housing, they make it possible for Americans everywhere to move closer to their dream jobs, to become independent (in the case of many young people), or to financially get back on their feet after a crisis.

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Wrongful Death: Your Rights as an Employee

Chances are, if you hold an office job or a similar occupation, you don’t worry about your safety when you go to work each and every day. After all, you might think there isn’t much that can happen to you while you’re sitting at a desk, typing away. In some ways, you’re right! Most likely, you’re perfectly safe on the job. However, the reason you’re right is probably because your employer has taken the legally required steps to create a safe, healthy working environment for you and your colleagues.

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Could Bankruptcy be Right for You?

Last month, we gave an overview of Chapter 7 bankruptcy on our blog. As Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers, we here at JD Haas want to make sure that our clients are as informed as they can be before stepping into our office with the intent of declaring bankruptcy, or even simply to learn more about their options.

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