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What Constitutes as Reckless Driving?

We’ve all been there: Somebody is tailgating so closely to your car you can’t even see their running lights. Many of us have also witnessed vehicles that dodge and weave through highway traffic at such an alarming speed it makes you fear for your safety. You may have wondered if there are laws against such consciously unsafe driving practices. Certainly, it would be a public safety hazard if anyone could drive any way they wanted!

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What Constitutes as a Personal Injury Case?

From business lawyers to child injury lawyers to probate lawyers, it can seem like there’s a law professional for every job. While this is a good thing, as it enables a robust justice system, it can make finding the right lawyer for you somewhat of a confusing process.

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How JD Haas Will Handle Your Wrongful Death Case

A loved one of yours has just died from another party’s negligence. You’re absolutely heartbroken, and rightfully so. Losing a family member, close friend, or spouse is hard enough as it is, but when negligence enters the picture, it can be even harder to handle your emotions. Guilt, rage, sorrow – it’s often said nowadays that the seven stages of grief are not linear. You may even feel completely numb, unable to process any of your feelings towards this tragic event. Both responses are normal.

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