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Wrongful Death and Car Crashes: Where do These Cases Intersect?

For example, if someone dies in a car crash that was decidedly not their fault, is that case a wrongful death case or an auto accident case? What kind of lawyer should be sought: a wrongful death lawyer or a car accident lawyer?

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Why Compassion is Paramount for Wrongful Death Lawyers

When many people think about lawyers, compassion isn’t usually the first characteristic that comes to mind. Indeed, media portrayals generally show those who work in this field as coldhearted, logic-loving, and without a single shred of humanity. Of course, you probably know that these portrayals are nothing like reality. Why would there continue to be so many lawyers practicing these days if the career required they completely remove themselves from their ethical conscience? However, at JD Haas, we believe that the very trait that media portrayals seem to go out of their way to show that lawyers don’t have is the one they must-have when it comes to real-life cases. Compassion is an integral part of what it means to be an ethical and skilled wrongful death attorney or a snappy wrongful death lawyer, one who can serve their clients to the best degree possible.

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