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From monthly archives: January 2022

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You’ve Been Injured by a Car as a Pedestrian. Now What?

When most people think of auto accidents, they think of accidents involving two or more cars. Perhaps it’s because we’ve had it drilled into our heads in driver’s ed that pedestrians have the right of way that we default to such images. But pedestrian accidents can and do happen, and knowing your rights as they pertain to them is important; it can save you heaps of legal trouble in the future and perhaps even help you to land a settlement.

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Expert Witnesses: What They Do in Wrongful Death Cases

When working with a wrongful death attorney, it’s common that they may do work surrounding obtaining expert witnesses. This may leave you quite confused at first take; why would they need another expert if your injury lawyer is a legal expert in and of themselves? While the term expert witness may be vague, these folks play a critical role in securing your case, and they’re used widely in the legal field in a variety of contexts and categories.

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