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5 Common Misconceptions About Wrongful Death Lawyers and Cases

When it comes time to do real-life work with a wrongful death attorney or injury lawyer, many people find themselves underprepared for the experience and what it means, thanks to stereotypes and media portrayals. So get ready: as someone seeking the help of a wrongful death lawyer, you’re about to undergo a multifaceted and not-at-all-like-the-movies experience, an experience that justice hinges upon.

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Should I Contact a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

Fender benders—they’re such a common occurrence that our local radio stations tell us on the daily about any that might mess up our commute. Many people don’t think much of it when they get into a minor scrape themselves. They exchange insurance information, fret a bit, contact someone for a ride home if the damage is severe enough, but afterward, life goes on as normal.

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What Are Punitive Damages, and What Role Do They Play in a Wrongful Death Case?

Injury lawyers and wrongful death attorneys alike work with these types of damages, but what exactly are they?

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How Is the Payment From a Personal Injury Case Determined?

Personal injury lawyers work hard to get their clients as large of a settlement as possible. But where does the money come from?

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