Car Accident Attorney, Minneapolis, MN

Car Accident Attorney in Minneapolis, MN

A car accident, no matter how serious it is, can be very scary. The aftermath can be just as chaotic. Filing insurance claims, getting your vehicle repaired or buying a new one, and recovering mentally and physically from your accident can be draining. On top of all that, if you have chosen to seek a Minneapolis car accident attorney to assist you in recovering damages or protecting yourself from fault, the legal process can seem complicated and overwhelming.

It won’t be this way if you file with JD Haas. Our experienced team of Minneapolis auto accident attorneys strive to handle every case in a straightforward, organized manner and treat every person who walks into our office with compassion. No matter what side of the car accident lawsuit you’re on – being deemed at fault or seeking to recover damages – we strive to create a respectful, attentive relationship with you and provide the best help that we can.

Our team of Minneapolis auto accident attorneys includes:

  • JD Haas. Having received many awards for his service as a lawyer, JD Haas is both well-educated and experienced. His compassionate nature and attentive listening ear set him apart from his fellow Minneapolis car accident attorneys.
  • Valerie Geisdorf. Valerie works for JD Haas as a paralegal. She is a pro at making sure everything goes smoothly, as well as extending warm welcomes to our clients.
  • Joshua Erspramer. An associate attorney at JD Haas, Joshua Erspramer is also thoroughly educated and experienced in the field of law. His intelligence and drive make him a great asset to your car accident lawsuit.

If you think you need an attorney for your car accident case, contact us as soon as possible. It’s important to file your claim in a timely manner.

Frequently Asked Questions: Car Accidents

No matter the type of legal help you recieve, you’re bound to have questions about your car accident lawsuit. While we recommend a personalized consultation if you’re looking for answers, below you’ll find a list of common questions we receive about car accident lawsuits.

This depends on the situation, the state you live in, the exact type of insurance you carry, and, in some cases, how high your medical bills are. Generally speaking, these medical bills will need to get paid somehow, and you may be responsible for paying them before a settlement can be reached. Speak to a Minneapolis car accident attorney to get to know your rights.

This depends on the complexity of your case; no Minneapolis auto accident attorney can provide you with the answer without knowing your individual circumstances. We recommend speaking to a Minneapolis auto accident attorney to determine the specifics. According to the Minnesota Department of Commerce, your insurance company has, at maximum, thirty days to determine how much coverage they can provide.

Always. A reputable Minneapolis car accident attorney can help you do everything from filing an accurate insurance claim to communicating with insurance companies themselves. You need time to recover emotionally – let JD Haas handle your car accident lawsuit.

Unfortunately, there is no formulaic way to put a price on your emotional pain and suffering garnered from a car accident lawsuit. A Minneapolis car accident attorney who is familiar with this area of law will help you recieve the largest compensation possible for your individual case.

Like many aspects of law, this depends on your state and individual circumstances. In Minnesota, suing is only a possibility if you are saddled with a certain amount of medical bills from the accident.

Again, this is a state-specific answer; it’s generally dictated by complicated state-specific laws that describe negligence and fault. Insurance companies usually use these definitions to determine how much coverage they can give.

Never, even if you think you carry some amount of fault for the situation. Your viewpoint is not objective, after all, and your insurance company and the appropriate authorities should come to this conclusion on their own. A reputable Minneapolis auto accident attorney can help you through filing insurance claims, regardless of how much fault you find yourself in.


If you have any questions whatsoever about your car accident lawsuit, contact JD Haas now at 952-345-1025. We’re also happy to provide a free case evaluation when you fill out this form.

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