Car Accident Attorney, St. Paul, MN

Car Accident Attorney in St. Paul, MN

The aftermath of a car accident is no easy time. Working with insurance companies, trying to repair your car, dealing with the emotional trauma… it can all feel quite overwhelming. Add debating legal action to the equation, and it all can feel nearly impossible to get ahead of things.

JD Haas is here to help. You’ll never feel lost or in over your head when you enlist us as your Saint Paul auto accident attorneys. We strive to meet each and every one of our customers with the utmost understanding, and our organizational skills and expertise in the field of law ensures that all of our clients experience an efficient car accident lawsuit-filing experience.

We’d be happy to be of assistance as your car accident attorney, no matter if you need help filing with insurance companies or are actually considering taking legal action.

Our team of Saint Paul auto accident attorneys includes:

  • JD Haas. As a senior lawyer here at our company, JD Haas’s extensive experience grants him an edge as your Saint Paul auto accident attorney. As the numerous awards to his name indicate, he has a passion for justice and helping those in need.
  • Valerie Geisdorf. Our resident paralegal, Valerie Geisdorf is a talented legal professional in her own right. She works hard to make sure everything in our office goes according to plan.
  • Joshua Erspramer. Our associate attorney Joshua Erspramer is ready to be of service as your Saint Paul car accident attorney. His extensive education and experience make him an ideal fit.

If you think you may need legal help for your motor vehicle accident, contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Frequently Asked Questions After a Car Accident

Even if you seek reputable legal help for your car accident lawsuit, you’re bound to have countless questions. That’s perfectly normal, and we’re here to help! If you don’t find your question answered below, feel free to contact us via phone or email.

The answer to this question depends on individual circumstances. Your insurance, state of residence, and, sometimes, the amount of medical bills you find yourself with can all affect how much money you can recover to pay your bills. In some cases, you could be on the line for paying these bills yourself until a settlement can be determined.

This, again, depends on your individual case. The complexity of your situation can determine how long it takes to finish your case. When it comes to insurance companies, though, the Minnesota Department of Commerce declares that your company has a maximum of thirty days to determine the amount of coverage they can provide after an accident.

Always. A Saint Paul auto accident attorney isn’t just useful if you choose to take legal action for your case; they can help you to work with insurance companies to receive the maximum amount of money possible. It’s always a smart financial investment to enlist the help of a Saint Paul car accident attorney!

There is no set way to prove this in the field of law, but many factors can determine how pain and suffering is seen, legally speaking. A Saint Paul car accident attorney can work with you to help demonstrate your pain and suffering from a legal standpoint.

The answer to this is dependent on your state and the situation. Minnesota, for example, only allows a person to sue if their medical bills amount to a certain quantity.

This depends on state laws. Insurance companies tend to use these laws to determine fault. Contact a Saint Paul car accident attorney for more information on Minnesota’s laws regarding the subject.

Absolutely never. The authorities and the proper insurance companies will determine this. A Saint Paul auto accident attorney can help you navigate the situation, though.


At JD Haas, we’re ready and willing to handle your car accident lawsuit with the compassion and understanding you deserve. Give us a call now at 952-345-1025.

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