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Get the Justice You Deserve After an Auto Accident

Have you recently been in a car accident that left you with injuries, mountains of medical bills, or rendered you unable to work? If so, you need to contact a reputable legal team to begin the claim process, so you can get the care and compensation you deserve.

When you come to JD Haas & Associates, PLLC, we prioritize your needs above all else and ensure you’re treated fairly. An accident of any kind can be both physically and emotionally devastating, and trying to handle the legal ramifications on top of recovering from trauma can be nearly impossible. If you need legal representation, our experts are ready to take on the challenges of your case. Contact us today to get started!

Should You Pursue Legal Action?

There are several factors that determine how solid your legal case, such as:

  • If you had a hospital stay of any length.
  • If you suffered broken bones or other serious injuries.
  • If you have experienced physical or emotional trauma.
  • If your medical bills have reached the point where they are no longer affordable.
  • If you have been unable to work, which ash resulted in lost wages.

Any of the above instances are reason enough to file a claim. We recommend starting the process as soon as possible following your accident.

What Can Your Car Accident Lawyer Do?

When you come to JD Haas & Associates, PLLC, we will sit down with you to go over every aspect of your case before filing your claim. Our law firm can provide the following services:

Explain Your Rights

After we go over the circumstances and facts around your accident case, we’ll compile a riveting claim to get you the best possible result. Throughout this process, we’ll answer any legal questions you may have, as well as explain your rights and potential outcomes for your case. Additionally, we will make recommendations on the best course of action based on how the case is going.

Take Care of the Details

Another important thing your auto accident lawyer will handle is the paperwork and tedious details that go with a claim of any kind. When you hire our legal experts at JD Haas, we will handle all of this for you to ensure your claim goes as quickly as possible. There are countless deadlines and requirements that need to be met, and with our help, nothing will be delayed or held back on your end.

Communicate with the Insurance Companies

No matter if you or the other part were at-fault for the accident, our team will communicate directly with the applicable insurance company to ensure they are staying on top of the case and not dragging their feet. If they are holding things up, we will take them to court to ensure we are able to reach a settlement as soon as possible. Let us help you get the compensation and care you deserve.

If you live near St. Paul, Minnesota and have recently been involved in a car accident that left you with lasting damages, contact our team at JD Haas & Associates, PLLC. Our team is fully committed to your needs and will do whatever we can to ensure you can get your life back on track with as little interruption as possible. To learn more or to receive a free case evaluation, give us a call at 952-345-1025 or message us on our contact page today.

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