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Dealing With a Wrongful Death Case? JD Haas is Here to Help You Through

When it comes to wrongfully losing a loved one, often the last thing on your mind are the event’s legal repercussions. It can be very common to be left reeling, struggling to deal with your grief and even your anger at the party whose negligence or lack of care caused this. Perhaps you feel shocked and suspended in a state of disbelief—how could this have happened? It doesn’t feel real.

At JD Haas & Associates, we’ve seen many death cases in our time as Saint Paul wrongful death attorneys. We know each one is unique from a legal standpoint, and we know that the emotions that come with them are equally as diverse. However, we also know that seeking legal action in the event of a wrongful death can help bring a sense of closure and peace to some. As Saint Paul death lawyers, we’ve helped numerous Minnesota families seek the justice they deserve when it comes to their wrongful death cases. We view it as the job of a wrongful death attorney in Saint Paul to help families through their legal troubles with a caring, compassionate hand.

Just who here can help you in this trying time?

  • JD Haas. Dubbed a lifetime top 100 lawyer for Minnesota and the recipient of countless awards, JD Haas himself has made a name for himself in countless areas of the law, but one of his specializations is in death cases in Saint Paul. He is passionate about helping his clients stay strong in times of legal turmoil.
  • Valerie Geisdorf. With a strong drive to help others and a deep love for her job, Valerie Geisdorf is a wonderful paralegal who is a fantastic help to our Saint Paul wrongful death attorneys.
  • Joshua Erspamer. As an associate attorney here at JD Haas, Joshua Erspamer strives to constantly embody our values of compassion, intelligence, and justice. He and JD Haas handle death cases with ease, gentleness, and individualized attention paid to each client.

When it comes to wrongful death lawyers in Saint Paul and wrongful death lawsuits in general, it’s perfectly natural to have plenty of questions. Law is complicated enough on its own, but when your emotions still run high due to the freshness of the loss, it can be difficult to study up and research death cases and Saint Paul death lawyers without feeling hopeless and overwhelmed.

At JD Haas, we’re here to help. Below, you’ll find the answers to a few common questions about wrongful death cases and Saint Paul death attorneys, phrased in plain English.

In order to be considered viable, a wrongful death lawsuit generally has a few prerequisites. First, the death of the loved one in question must have been directly caused by the other entity’s actions (be those actions neglectful, rash, or deliberate). In other words, had it not been for the allegedly guilty party, the loved one would still be alive. Secondly, the family members who survive the deceased must prove they suffered in some measurable degree due to the loss of the loved one.
This depends on the case in question. Generally, people pursue a death case legally in order to collect money and discourage the party in the legal wrong from repeating similar behavior. The family of the loved one can collect applicable medical expenses, lost wages, money to compensate emotional pain, and (in some states) money as punishment, all from the guilty party. You will work side by side with a wrongful death attorney in Saint Paul to win the case in court and secure justice in the name of your deceased loved one.
Again, this depends on the individual case. Typically, when you win a wrongful death case, the money intended as compensation is paid in either a lump sum or in a series of smaller payments. Sometimes, this money won’t come from the negligent party at all, but from an insurance company that has been paid to cover the damages. Depending on the type of coverage held, however, the guilty party can still end up paying some or all of the damages.

As Compassionate Death Lawyers in Saint Paul, JD Haas is Here to Help You

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