Spinal Cord Injuries

  • Evaluate your case with an experienced personal injury lawyer
  • Receive expert legal guidance and compassionate support
  • Work together to seek compensation for your spinal cord injuries
  • Move forward with justice after a life-changing injury

Expert Legal Help for Cases With Spinal Cord Injuries

Whether from a car accident, motorcycle crash, or other incident caused by someone else’s negligence, a spinal cord injury can immensely impact your life. Let us help you secure compensation to cover your treatment plans, surgeries, and other health concerns related to the accident. With an experienced attorney representing your case, you may be able to file a claim against the responsible party and relieve some of the financial burdens.

JD Haas & Associates, PLLC handles personal injury cases where the victim has sustained a life-changing injury or wrongful death. Our legal team feels driven to protect good people who have been through bad circumstances, and we’re experts at what we do. Get started today with a case evaluation

Motor Vehicle Accidents

After a serious car, semi-truck, or motorcycle accident that leaves you with spinal cord injuries, recovery should be your primary focus. That’s why you need a competent lawyer you can trust.

JD Haas & Associates offers legal assistance for motor vehicle accidents that goes above and beyond the typical attorney-client relationship. We’re accountable 24/7 and take on fewer cases so we can handle the most challenging ones with a high level of detail and care.

Pedestrian Accidents

Our legal team understands that no amount of money can make up for spinal cord injuries. But justice should be served if you or someone you love sustained that injury because you were hit while walking or riding your bicycle.

You deserve compensation for enduring life-changing injuries from a Pedestrian accident, and this is the type of case our firm specializes in. Choose JD Haas & Associates for legal services in Minneapolis, Chicago, Kansas City, and several other states.

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