Personal Injury

  • Evaluate your personal injury case with an experienced lawyer
  • Get one-on-one legal guidance and compassionate support
  • Seek compensation for life-changing injuries or wrongful death
  • Move forward with justice after a difficult accident

Get Legal Support After a Life-Changing Injury or Loss

When you’ve been through a traumatic injury or loss that changes life as you know it, it can feel like time stands still for you while the rest of the world goes on. Our mission is to help you move forward in your recovery by securing justice.

If you or a loved one sustained devastating injuries or wrongful death in an accident caused by someone’s negligence or careless actions, contact JD Haas & Associates, PLLC. Our law firm offers exceptional legal services for victims of personal injury accidents in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and several other states.

Our experienced personal injury lawyers are ready to hear your story and answer your questions about the entire legal process. Get started today by requesting a case evaluation.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Any lawyer can help you after a fender bender, but we’re not motivated by money and therefore don’t take on those cases. We’re guided by our empathy and a sense of duty to serve people during their time of need. Our team represents the most complex and challenging motor vehicle cases with an impressive track record of securing justice in the form of monetary damages.

After a life-changing car , semi-truck , or motorcycle accident, you need an experienced and compassionate attorney like JD Haas & Associates. Get the support you need to move forward after your accident.

Motor Vehicle Accidents Information

Wrongful Death

There is no way to make sense of wrongful death; There will be endless questions for God and “what ifs.” Our legal team excels at getting to the bottom of who is liable, which doesn’t change what happened but can provide a sense of closure.

When you’re faced with this kind of new normal where your whole world is turned upside down, let us be your steady support. JD Haas & Associates has represented hundreds of wrongful death cases with integrity and enduring compassion.

Wrongful Death Information

Pedestrian Accidents

The idea that a person can be walking or riding their biycyle one moment and the victim of an accident that causes lifelong injuries the next will always be shocking. In the aftermath of such an incident, you need comprehensive support to feel safe again. Let us make sure you understand your legal rights after a pedestrian accident.

Pedestrian Accidents Information

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