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Seeking legal help when it comes to a wrongful death case can often feel overwhelming and off-putting. If your loved one has just died at the hands of a negligent person or corporation, it can feel even more painful. You understandably want to spend your time grieving, making the appropriate funeral arrangements, and consoling others going through this loss with you, not putting together a legal case.

At JD Haas, a group of Rochester wrongful death attorneys, we fully understand this is a difficult time. However, if you may have a wrongful death lawsuit, we strongly advise you to take action immediately. With our gentle, compassionate team of lawyers on your side, you can seek peace and justice in the name of the loved one you lost. We strive to always handle our wrongful death cases with the utmost gentleness and understanding of your situation, and we’d be privileged to sit down with you and hear your story. Contact us today at 952-345-1025 to schedule a free case evaluation.

Meet Our Wrongful Death Attorneys

Our company boasts a variety of wrongful death attorneys and other legal personnel who are here to help you through your filing of a wrongful death case.

  • JD Haas is a respected professional in the field, having received many awards for his legal service. He specializes in wrongful death cases and possesses a true passion for helping those in need.
  • Valerie Geisdorf, as a paralegal, provides efficient and accurate assistance to our team of Rochester death attorneys. Her drive and sense of justice are remarkable.
  • Joshua Erspramer is an associate attorney here at JD Haas, and he works hard to embody everything this company stands for. With his intelligence and keen insight, he and JD Haas himself spare no effort in helping their clients get the justice they deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wrongful Death Cases

A wrongful death case is a trying time for any family. If you’re considering filing a wrongful death lawsuit, all the information out there can leave you feeling quite discouraged and confused. When the loss is still fresh, it can be difficult to process the fact that the event even happened, let alone gather the knowledge you need to start a lawsuit.

JD Haas is here to help any way we can. We can offer a free case evaluation to see if your case qualifies as a wrongful death. Our group of Rochester wrongful death attorneys are happy to see you and your family through this complicated period in your life. For the benefit of anyone currently dealing with a wrongful death case, we’ve compiled a short list of common questions and their answers below.

While we cannot declare your case viable or otherwise without a consultation, we can provide some general guidelines for what constitutes a wrongful death case. First, your loved one’s death must have been the result of another entity (this can be a person or a corporation) behaving in a reckless or negligent fashion. You must also prove that this loss caused you to suffer, either in an emotional sense or due to certain financial difficulties stemming from the loss.
All cases look different. We cannot offer you a guarantee for what will happen during your wrongful death case. However, if your wrongful death case proves viable, you can expect to collect some money, either in the form of punitive damage (in some states) or for compensation for lost wages or emotional suffering, among other things.
Again, this varies on a case-by-case basis. Generally, payment occurs in a singular lump sum or in many smaller ones. Depending on what type of insurance the other party carries, some or all of the money may come from there, instead of directly from the other party.

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