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Wrongful Death Lawyer, Rochester, MN

Wrongful Death Lawyer in Rochester, MN

A wrongful death case in the family can shake your entire world in more ways than one. First, there is the obvious emotional side: the grieving, the anger, and the learning to move on and live without a key person in your life beside you. Second, there is the less-talked-about financial aspect of things. How will you pay for the funeral? Is there outstanding medical debt that you are unable to handle? How will your family survive with a loss of income (if applicable)?

Both emotional and monetary stressors quickly add up when it comes to death cases, so seeking legal action can sometimes feel like adding another commitment to your already overbooked and overstressed life. With JD Haas, you’ll never feel this way.

As experienced wrongful death attorneys, we approach all cases with compassion and sympathy for the difficult times you are currently facing, and we strive to make you feel warm and welcome while working with us. Our Rochester wrongful death lawyers also are well-educated and will spare no effort to get you the financial compensation you deserve for your wrongful death lawsuit.

Our group of Rochester death lawyers includes:

  • JD Haas, a talented and compassionate Rochester wrongful death lawyer with many awards to his name. Though he is quite knowledgeable about many areas of the law, he has chosen to specialize in death cases. Perhaps this is due to his strong desire to serve those in need and to listen to and understand their stories.
  • Valerie Geisdorf, a paralegal, though she too is quite knowledgeable about the law. She works hard to keep things running smoothly here at JD Haas, and always is ready to lend a helping hand.
  • Joshua Erspramer, an associate attorney. His sharp mind combined with his excellent education and experience give him an edge when it comes to handling your wrongful death lawsuit.

Our team would be happy to meet with you for a free case evaluation, and our phones are answered at all hours. We’re here to help you through this difficult time in any way we can; wrongful death lawsuits require this kind of support. Below, for your benefit, you’ll find some common questions and answers we receive about death cases.

If you’ve come here to learn if your death case might qualify, we recommend giving us a call and getting a personalized answer. Generally speaking, though, to be considered a wrongful death case, your loved one must have passed away in an incident directly related to another entity's negligent or reckless actions. Losing said loved one must have caused you pain and suffering, either financially or emotionally.

A wrongful death case can play out in any number of ways. Generally, your Rochester wrongful death attorney will collect the applicable documentation (medical bills, police reports, and the like) and work with insurance companies to determine a cash settlement, which is then paid out to you. Occasionally, this settlement may be pursued in court.

You will receive any applicable money in a variety of ways: a large payment or many smaller ones. As implied in earlier answers, some or all of this money might come from an insurance company.

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